Natural Garden Collection

Natural Garden Collection

For the families who enjoy nothing more than the simple pleasures in life, spending time in one another’s company for some laid back family fun. Create a relaxing atmosphere with the Natural Garden Collection, where each item presents a subtle chicness to your outdoor space without being flashy or overpowering.

Alfresia has considered every aspect of your outdoor space to ensure a seamless and cohesive aesthetic, so you and your family will be able to enjoy the warm weather outside. The collection features the Mosca 2 Seater Natural Swing Seat with Alexandra Beige Leaf cushions, the Capri Wooden Bistro Set and the Premium Charcoal Barbecue. Each piece provides a different way in which each family member can enjoy their time in the garden and will look great on any lawn or patio.

To enhance the Natural Garden Collection, we have added a selection of garden accessories to compliment the style of your garden. This part features the Willow 4 Person Picnic Basket Set, the Handmade Wooden Insect Hotel and the Handmade Bark Wood Birdhouse. By including these pieces in the collection, it allows more family interaction and will hopefully encourage younger children to want to learn about wildlife in their own garden.

Mosca 2 Seater Natural Frame with Alexandra Beige Leaf Cushions

The Mosca 2 Seater Swing Seat in Natural is essential to the Natural Garden collection, as it provides a relaxation area to your outdoor space. The swing bench has plenty of room for two people, with a set of thick Alexandra Beige Leaf cushions that will look beautiful in any garden or patio.

 The tubular steel frame is strong and sturdy, with the standard A-frame design giving it balance and stability. The matte natural finish looks great in the garden or patio, with a matching dark natural canopy to the top. Made from water-resistant polyester, the canopy slides onto the front and back of the frame so is really secure and gives great cover from the sun or light showers.

 The cushions are made from high-quality fabric and filled with thick crumbed foam for a really comfortable finish. The Alexandra Beige Leaf cushions match perfectly with the natural frame allowing a beautiful focal point in your garden.

Mosca Natural 2 Seater Swing Seat with Alexandra Beige Leaf Cushions

Capri Wooden Bistro Set

Capri Wooden Bistro Set

The Capri Wooden Bistro Set is a beautiful addition to the Natural Garden Collection. Made from 100% Eucalyptus wood the two chairs and one table comes painted grey for an added chic style that will look great in any garden, patio or decking area.

The entire bistro set will fold down in seconds with an easy to use slide mechanism making it perfect for quick storage or moving around your garden. This feature is great for storing away in seconds so there is more room in the garden for those summer fun activities.

The modern grey slatted design of this bistro set will easily look great in any contemporary outdoor space, making it an ideal addition to the Natural Garden Collection. It is sturdy, strong and is a great little set for sitting outdoors and enjoying the warm weather.

Premium Charcoal Barbecue

The Fire Mountain Premium Charcoal barbecue is simply designed and perfect for gatherings with family and friends. The stylish charcoal powder coated steel lid, fire bowl and trolley will guarantee to complete any garden, whether it is in use or not, making it a perfect piece for the Natural Garden Collection.

There is a 2pcs enamel grill, which is large enough to allow you to quickly grill steaks, sausages and more. Included on the unit there is a height-adjustable charcoal tub with a crank to allow a variable grill temperature and an integrated temperature gauge on the lid so you can monitor the heat inside the chamber. The sophisticated Fire Mountain Premium Charcoal Barbecue also features a built in bottle opener for those relaxing barbecuing moments.

Alfresia understands the demand for great tasting food and we believe the Fire Mountain Premium Charcoal BBQ can provide you with that, you can be left to create wonderful meals and lasting memories with friends and family. 

Premium Charcoal Barbecue

To enhance the key aspects if the collection we have included an array of products from our garden accessories range to give you a choice in what you want to get out of your time being spent outdoors. This could involve family time enjoyment or an educational experience for the children.

Willow 4 Person Picnic Basket Set

Willow 4 Person Picnic Basket Set

This beautiful woven Willow Picnic Basket comes with everything you need to enjoy a summer picnic with family or friends, making it a beautiful addition to the Natural Garden Collection. The compact case contains all the accessories required for alfresco dining, each securely strapped in place for safe transport, with a sturdy twist fastened strap to the lid and a thick carry strap to the front.

The inside of the basket is insulated to keep the contents at the right temperature, as is the removable inner cool bag and bottle holder. Both the cool bag and bottle holder have handles so they're easy to carry alongside the basket when it's full. When not in use, everything fits neatly inside the picnic basket for simple, easy storage.

Perfect for family time enjoyment in the garden on a warm sunny day and it can be taken to the beach or park for a fun adventure!

Handmade Wooden Insect Hotel

This lovely handcrafted Insect Hotel is the perfect way to encourage a variety of bugs to enjoy your garden. It offers them shelter, a place to hibernate and nest, and encourages pest control and pollination for your flowers.

There's a pull-out drawer to the centre is ideal for small insects to create homes in, with small holes in the front leading to sealed tunnels within the drawer. By pulling on the attached hook, you can remove the drawer and see into the nests thanks to the transparent plastic layer to the top of the drawer - perfect for curious kids learning about bugs!

For a comfortable home, hang the Insect Hotel on a south-facing wall, near a hedge or some garden plants, so there's plenty of warmth and food for the inhabitants. This little building is a great spot for a variety of species throughout the year, ideal for curious children or wildlife enthusiasts looking to encourage insects in their garden.

Insect Hotel

Handmade Bark Wood Birdhouse

Bark Wood Birdhouse

The Bark Wood Birdhouse is a great way to offer space for wildlife to nest in your garden. These handcrafted bird boxes are ideal for encouraging roosting and hibernating activity from a variety of species, and make a wonderful home for nature in your outdoor living space.

Designed in an a-frame with attractive bark wood logs to each slope, they also surround the natural wood panels to the front, back and base. In the front is a 3cm hole that is the ideal size for common garden birds, giving them protection from larger predatory species.

We also have a bird feeder that you could use in your garden to help encourage the little birds into your garden and hopefully feel invited to want to stay!

The Natural Garden Collection has been created to offer an insight into what you can achieve in your own personal outdoor space. To enhance the aesthetic of our collection we have included a variety of potted plants and trees to give depth and make you feel closer to nature.

We recommend using neutral colours to create a more natural aesthetic, like in garden cushions, blankets and outdoor rugs to enhance the laid back vibe. Each of the products featured in the Natural Garden Collection has their own unique aspects to match your style and personality by letting you and your family appreciate your personal outdoor space freely all summer long.

The Natural Garden Collection