Kids Garden Furniture Add a little magic to their play time with these beautifully made furniture sets and tents for children. With a choice of designs, these sets are sure to transform any garden or play room for hours of fun.

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Kids Garden Furniture

Introducing you to Alfresia's kids garden furniture. As we all know you’re not the only one who will be enjoying your garden, year after year. With imaginations running on high; hidden treasures on a secret map where ‘x’ marks the spot, unknown lands inhabited by fierce dragons that need to be tamed, you can only provide the exciting platform in which your children can fully explore their wildest imaginations.

Regardless of the style or design of your garden, our kids furniture can allow you and your family to thrive in the joy that being outdoors can bring. Create fun, life long memories with our kids garden furniture to keep your children entertained, leaving you to relax knowing that they are safe and having a good time.

Our kids furniture is quick and easy to set up, with some of them requiring very little assembly. It is no secret that when it comes to outdoor play, children need no help in inventing their own imaginary universe of villains and heroes; Alfresia's kids furniture range can help encourage their imaginations, like our kids tents and furniture sets that allows them to interact more with the outdoors and nature, rather than being stuck inside playing video games.

At Alfresia we understand what makes children tick and our kids furniture is definitely a testament to that statement. Our kids furniture has been specifically designed to provoke interaction and encourage learning through experience; not only can our kids furniture be used in the garden; they can also be used indoors in any bedroom or nursery.

So what are you waiting for, expand your childs imagination today with our playful range of kids furniture.