Get Ready for Spring

Revamp your garden this spring!

It’s time to be out with the old and in with the new, just in time for Summer!

Here’s your guide from Alfresia HQ for top tips on how to give your garden a burst of fresh inspiration this spring. We have siphoned through the many routes you can go down, from the landscapers to the she sheds, and we have managed to narrow it down to Colour, Furniture, Food and Accessories. 
These four main categories will guide you through your gardening journey and help you achieve the most perfect garden where you can relax and feel inspired to be in.

1. Colour

When it’s time to revamp your garden, an easy way for a fresh new beginning is through the use of colour. Brighten up your garden in time for spring with our new range of cushion colours and parasols this season. Introducing the Alexandra and Francesca cushion ranges, the fresh, the clean and the vibrant new colours will give your garden a breath of fresh air and enhance your existing garden furniture.

All of cushions in the Alexandra and Francesca range are made with high quality 100% cotton and filled with crumbed foam for a thick, luxurious feel. Each cushion has ties to the side to secure it to your garden furniture and finished in the UK to the highest standard.

From Recliners to Relaxers and Swing Seats to Seat Pads, right down to Sun Lounger Cushions, the new colours from the Alexandra and Francesca range are each made specifically for our own range of garden furniture to enhance the aesthetic of all our frames. All of our cushions are listed with product specific dimensions, so if you already have existing garden furniture that need a new colour, our Garden Cushion category can direct you through the different styles of cushion we have.

Alexandra Beige Recliner

Alexandra Beige

Available in five different variations for the type of furniture you need, the Alexandra Beige Leaf is a thick comfortable cushion that features a warm beige colour with a vibrant coloured leaf pattern.

Alex Green Relaxer

Alexandra Green

The Alexandra Green Leaf features a deep green background colour with a vibrant coloured leaf pattern on top; it also has complimentary coloured piping to the edges to enhance the quality of the cushion. 

Francesca Grey

Francesca Grey

The new Francesca Grey fabric features a light grey colour with monochrome floral pattern. The overall look of the new Francesca Grey gives a high quality, fashion forward style that will enrich any style of garden, despite its lack of true colour.

Francesca Beige

Francesca Beige

The delicate new Francesca Beige features a soft beige colour with a subtle eggshell coloured floral pattern and has the quality to complement any outdoor space. 

Most of our cushions are available with a tier set pricing, so the more you buy of the same cushion, the more you can save! This means you’ll be able to revamp your entire set of garden furniture for a fraction of the price.

Please note that all of our cushions are made exclusively to fit our range of garden furniture and cannot be guaranteed to fit other brands. However if you want to test our cushions on your own garden furniture, please make sure to measure them thoroughly and to compare them with the dimensions listed on each of the cushion pages, to avoid disappointment.

If cushion colour isn’t as important to you as the actual piece of furniture itself, why not look into our vibrant new ranges of Parasols!

Introducing the 2.7m Geisha Garden Parasol and the 2.5m Lotus Garden Parasol, both of which are available in a vibrant turquoise or magenta colour.

The Lotus and the Geisha parasols come with a smooth polished coated silver pole that features a wind up mechanism to raise and lower the parasol and a crank and tilt mechanism so you can redirect the angle of you parasol into the sun and avoid those moving rays.

Each of the Lotus and Geisha Parasols are made from 100% polyester, which is an easy wipe clean material that is also water resistant. Both of these parasols also provide protection against UV rays so you can relax outdoors and stay protected from the sun.

Geisha Turquoise

Turquoise Geisha Parasol

The 16 rib, oriental inspired design of the Geisha Parasol will compliment any garden style or décor.

Geisha Magenta

Magenta Geisha Parasol

Available in turquoise or magenta, the choice of a bright vibrant colour for you garden will surely give your outdoor space the burst of fresh inspiration it needs this year.

Lotus Turquoise

Turquoise Lotus Parasol

The Lotus Garden Parasol is also available in both vibrant colours and holds its design as reminiscent of the lotus flower. 

Lotus Magenta

Magenta Lotus Parasol

This is quite fitting considering the season, with the flowers in bloom for springtime and introduction of colours in your garden during these next few months.


There are many ways to introduce a burst of colour into your garden this year, particularly with your garden furniture. Why not try including some brightly coloured flowers like Crocuses or Freesias, these little flowers may be small but in large volumes they can certainly pack a punch in the vibrancy you need for you garden.

2) Garden Accessories

If you are already pretty happy with the style and décor of your garden, why not add some unique garden accessories we have available this season. Introduce some new forms of wildlife to your garden with our beautifully handcrafted range of birdhouses, bird feeders and insect hotels.

Even such a small change to your garden can dramatically enhance your surroundings and make you feel closer to nature. These garden accessories are ideal for curious children or wildlife enthusiasts looking to encourage new life to their garden.

Insect Hotel

Wooden Insect Hotel 

The Handmade Wooden Insect Hotel is the ideal way to encourage a variety of smaller wildlife to enjoy your garden. It will offer them shelter, a place to hibernate and nest, and encourages pest control and pollination for your flowers. The different sizes in the main body of the Insect Hotel make it appealing to a variety of species like bees or ladybirds. 

Lighthouse Birdhouse

Lighthouse Birdhouse

This beautifully hand crafted Lighthouse Birdhouse provides a safe space for wildlife in your garden, and has been cleverly designed to provide a spacious area for nesting as well as an upper area for providing food. With a quirky variety of hand-painted details the lighthouse is a bright, colourful feature for your outdoor space.

Birdhouse Feeder

Hanging Bird Feeder

Help birds and wildlife thrive in your garden this season with this lovely Hanging Bird Feeder. Made from wood and painted as a traditional house complete with door and window details, tiled roof and chimney. The little feeding area is a great way to spot a range of species throughout the year, and to get children and wildlife enthusiasts to entice more birds into their garden.

Picnic Set

Willow Picnic Basket

This beautiful woven Willow Picnic Basket comes with everything you need to enjoy a lovely picnic outdoors as the weather starts to get warmer. With an attractive blue and white striped fabric that adds colour to the set and an inner cool bag and bottle holder to match, it is a more traditional and ideal way to get your entire family closer to wildlife and being outdoors. 


This may not seem like a conventional way to spruce up your garden, but it will encourage you and your family to spend more time outdoors and truly appreciate what you have around you in a way nothing else can. This takes us onto our next category.

3) Barbecues

In addition to owning a picnic basket, you can also start to introduce a barbecuing experience to spruce up your garden. Sometimes just spending more time in the garden will encourage you to take more care of your outdoor space. Our current ranges of barbecues are from the Fire Mountain brand. They supply a wide variety of different barbecues, from gas to charcoal even down to specialist barbecue styles like the charcoal and woodchip smoker to the half grill half hot plate Asgard barbecue.

4) Conservatory

If rejuvenating your garden, ready for 2018, needs more than what was previously mentioned you may need to take more action! Why not take a look at our beautiful range of indoor and outdoor furniture. They can either be placed in your conservatory, so you can stay comfortable indoors or take the furniture set outside and enjoy the sun on your patio.

We also have a luxury range of indoor conservatory furniture, where you can enjoy your garden from the comfort of the warmth indoors. Here at Alfresia, we sell the best cushion collection for our range of conservatory furniture, meaning you’re definitely going to find something you like.

We have 3 different styles of cane conservatory here at Alfresia. The Penang, Cadiz and Bali, each with their unique aesthetic and exquisite quality, there will definitely be something for you in this category.

Combined with the look of a traditional conservatory furniture set, all three styles create a more modern and intriguing alternative that will definitely spark up a conversation about the beauty behind these pieces.  They have all been specially handcrafted to present the appeal of the intricate materials you will have in your conservatory.

The frames are lightweight yet sturdy, so can be moved around to suit your space and the design ensures they are long-lasting. They are also a really easy way to rejuvenate your relaxing space this season!

If you already have one of our conservatory sets, you might want to give them a refresh in cushions. Our exquisite range of cushions can allow you to rediscover a whole new appreciation for your conservatory set, simply by giving you a different view and perspective.

There are many different variations of cushions we do, so you are definitely going to find something you like and something that will suit your existing home décor.

Harrogate Natural High Back Cushion

Harrogate Natural Cushion

Poppies Stone High Back Cushion

Poppies Stone Cushion

We currently stock 14 different cushions for you to choose from, with more coming in soon! There are 6 different High Back cushions and 8 different Low Back cushions here at Alfresia, each with their own unique colour and patterns. Most of the cushions are set in a calm neutral colour with a burst of vibrancy in some fabrics, this is to make sure the cushions are well suited to the colour of the cane frames as well as fit in nicely with the décor and style of your home.

Our bestselling cushions in both the low back and high back range are the Harrogate Natural and Poppies Stone; however since introducing our new cushions the Bamboo Natural, the Premium Cream and Premium Linen, we have received a lot of amazing feedback about the quality in consistency and comfort for each.

Most conservatories need a modern edge, that’s where our wonderful range of cushions comes into play. However you might be looking for something more versatile, that will not only fit in with the style of your conservatory, but also with the rest of your house and garden. Here at Alfresia, our luxurious range of indoor and outdoor furniture; the Portofino and Sardinia sets.

Portofino Corner Sofa Set

Portofino Corner Sofa Set

The versatile Portofino 4 Piece corner Sofa Set offers long-lasting comfort, with sturdy lightweight frames, making them easy for you to freely position around your space. The clever design allows the Portofino to be used all year round, meaning you’re going to get more use for your money!

Sardinia Sofa and Footstool Set

Sardinia Sofa and Footstool Set

Just like the Portofino Corner Sofa, the Sardinia Sofa and Footstool Set is perfect for use all year round, as it looks sleek and comfortable in your conservatory as well as in your garden. In all-weather wicker set in grey, with complementary natural coloured cushions to the backs and seats, the on-trend design will add a modern edge to any household or garden. 

These main categories will give you a fresh perspective on your entire outdoor space, from subtle to distinct changes; you can either take guidance from all of these categories or just the one. Whichever route you decide to go down, we can promise you will adore any outcome.

Now is your chance to create your ideal outdoor living space!