Accessory Kit for Masonry Barbecues

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Accessory Kit for Masonry Barbecues - includes 5L white quartz paint, 10kg refractory mortar, waterproof primer & recipe book - free delivery
  • Accessory kit for masonry barbecues
  • 5 litres of heatproof white quartz paint
  • 10kg refractory mortar that withstands very high temperatures
  • Waterproof primer for the grill and floor
  • Also comes with a book containing handy tips and recipes


This great Accessory Kit for Masonry Barbecues contains everything you need to add the finishing touches to your new outdoor cooker.

The set contains:

  • 5 litres of white quartz paint
  • 10kg refractory mortar
  • Waterproofing primer
  • Recipe book

The quick-drying refractory mortar is ideal for adding new sections to your barbecue or to help with building a sturdy, permanent set-up. It's very easy to use - simply mix up a small amount of mortar with water, and spread an even layer between the pieces being attached. As it is rapid to dry, it is best to soak the parts to be attached first so that they don't absorb it from the mortar. The mortar must be used within one year.

White quartz paint is perfect for bringing a traditional bright finish to your masonry barbecue. After the barbecue has been built and dried thoroughly, simply brush on two layers of the paint, letting it dry thoroughly in between. To acheive the classic stippled effect, use a regular sponge roller and go over the second coat of paint while it is still wet or, depending on the size of the barbecue, sponge on a third coat.

The waterproofing primer adds a layer of protection against stains and makes the surfaces easy to clean, so it's ideal for the surfaces closest to the grill and preparation areas. To use, ensure the area is dry and free from dust or dirt, then brush two layers of primer over the desired surfaces, letting it dry thoroughly in between. Repeat this once a year to keep your masonry barbecue in the best possible condition.

A handy recipe book is included, full of tips and tasty examples of what can be cooked on your new barbecue. There's advice on fuels, cooking techniques and keeping your barbecue at its best, and all information is supplied in four languages (Italian, German, English, French).

When not in use, ensure the set is stored in a dry place.

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