Barbecue Buying Guide

Your simple guide to choosing the best barbecue for you and your family.

With the summer sun on its way, there is nothing finer than the thought of alfresco cooking and dining. If you are going to be using your barbecue regularly, then investing in the right one can significantly improve your cooking experience.  Choosing between a gas and charcoal barbecue could be the most important decision you make all summer.

The essential Barbecue Buying Guide from Alfresia has been created to help you decide on which option will benefit you and your family in the coming seasons. The main choice is how you want to cook your food as well as how much will be in your budget; as sometimes your budget could make your mind up for you. You will obviously want the best quality your money can buy, however Alfresia feel that the price tag is not solely a guide to quality and certain brands offer up more versatility than the bigger names.

Alfresia stock one of the biggest selling names in the UK for barbecues; Fire Mountain. Their barbecues, in our opinion, are easy to build, easy to use and will last for many years to come.

Gas Barbecues

Turning on a gas barbecue is as simple as turning on your kitchen stove, with most models having a piezo ignition, you will be able to light your barbecue instantly and achieve the exact temperatures you need within 10 minutes.

Most gas barbecues are designed to include a hood fitted with a thermometer so you can monitor the heat inside the chamber before and during cooking.

The ability to maintain or change the heat whilst you are cooking is an ideal feature for a more versatile style of barbecuing as it opens up more possibilities in grilling method, like direct or indirect cooking.

You will be able to ensure each dish you prepare is cooked perfectly every time and achieve a more succulent and wholesome flavour.

In the barbecue world, there are many different types of gas barbecue available for you to look up, learn about and finally, test. Convenient, quick and clean, we have chosen three of our bestselling barbecues for you to discover, and a few tips on how you could use them this summer.

Premier 6 Burner


Everest 2 Burner

BEST FOR BEGINNERS: Everest 2 Burner Gas Barbecue

    • The Everest 2 Burner Gas Barbecue is the perfect way to get started if you are new to the gas barbecue world.

    • The domed stainless steel roasting hood has a built-in temperature gauge and a wire warming rack, to keep an eye on the heat and to help food stay warm after cooking.

    • Two side shelves increase the preparation area and offer a handy surface to hold cutlery or plates.

    • There is also a small bar with hooks to the front that you can hang utensils or cloths on.

  • With a cooking area of 47cm (W) x 42cm (D), including one griddle and one grill area both in cast iron, this gas barbecue could easily feed a family of four.


BEST FOR BIG FAMILIES: Olympus Plus 5 + 1 Burner Gas Barbecue

    • Great for entertaining family and friends, the Olympus Plus 5 + 1 Burner Gas Barbecue is ideal for cooking large quantities of food for big groups of people.

    • The hood is made from a double layer stainless steel with a thermometer built into the unit so you can monitor the heat inside the chamber.

    • In addition to the 5 burners on the barbecue, there is also a side burner designed to hold your pots and pans. This allows you to be more versatile with you barbecue cooking style.

    • There are two powder coated steel shelves at either side of the cooking chamber to hold your ingredients, as well as a front centre shelf underneath the control panel to store your condiments, herbs and marinades.

  • With a total cooking area of 4373 and a 15 minute assembly time, you can cook a lot of food in no time at all!
Olympus 5 Burner



Asgard 3 Burner Compact Gas Barbecue

    • The Fire Mountain Asgard Compact BBQ is ideal for those alfresco gatherings with friends and family. Stylish as well as practical, this BBQ will guarantee to make your parties a delight for anyone who has a flair for outdoor cooking.

    • This gas barbecue features a specialist flatbed; a shiny enamel cast iron cooking plate ideal for fast cook meats, fish and vegetables. On the adjacent side to the cooking plate, there is a grill open to the flames to ensure an even cook for those larger pieces of meat.

    • The flat hood is completely removable, creating an open space for different styles of cooking. It also makes the barbecue a lot lighter than ones with a hood and is much easier for storage.

  • With a combined cooking area of 2646 sq cm, it is now easier than ever to cook a large quantity of food for your party, in no time at all.

Charcoal & Masonry Barbecues

The obvious difference between gas and charcoal is fuel. The way the food is cooked over a charcoal fire is what gives your meals that smoky chargrilled flavour.

There are various different types of barbecue available on the market and choosing the right one can be confusing.

It all depends on how many people you’re cooking for and the style of barbecue that you require, as there are many different sizes and speciality style barbecues to choose from.

The tradition behind a charcoal barbecue is what drives most customers into deciding; as the craving for that smoky succulent flavour is at the forefront of most minds whilst purchasing.

With a charcoal barbecue you will be able to achieve that wonderful flavour you desire, and cook a perfect meal for your family and friends.

Deluxe Charcoal


Kettle Barbecue

BEST FOR BEGINNERS – Fire Mountain Kettle Barbecue

  • The Charcoal Kettle Barbecue from Fire Mountain is perfect for beginners as it is compact, simple to build and has some useful features to assist when cooking, unlike the basic models that are available on the market.
  • The Kettle Hood can be used for backing or roasting meat, fish and vegetables, just like a gas barbecue but with that smoky chargrilled flavour. There are air vents on the bottom of the barbecue and on the hood, which allows cold air to be drawn in to keep the coals burning and the excess hot air is then released through the hood.

  • Most beginner barbecues are basically a metal tub on legs, however the Fire Mountain Kettle Barbecue allows you to be more versatile in the style of cooking particularly with its hood and thermometer as you can cook more than just the usual burgers and sausages, whilst still remaining available if that’s all you wanted to cook.


BEST FOR BIG FAMILIES: Premium Charcoal Barbecue

  • The Fire Mountain Premium Charcoal Barbecue will allow you to cook a lot of food at the same time, which is particularly useful being a charcoal barbecue.

  • A height adjustable charcoal tub with a crank, allows a variable grill temperature, so just like a gas barbecue, you are able to adjust the temperature inside the chamber and cook your food evenly without burning it.

  • There is a thermometer and warming rack integrated into the hood, so you can cooking your food to perfection, and keep it warm until ready to eat.

  • The stylish powder coated steel barbecue has been fitted with a collapsible side shelf, for help with preparation, a built in bottle opener for convenience and four useful hooks for holding your barbecue utensils, so you are ready to flip those burgers just in time.
Premium Charcoal Barbecue


Smoker Barbecue

Fire Mountain Charcoal Smoker Barbecue

  • The Fire Mountain heavy duty offset smoker is ideal for those who prefer more versatility in their barbecue cooking style, as you can achieve a whole host of different flavoured foods.

  • By using a variety of different flavoured woodchips to smoke in the offset chamber you can experiment and enhance the flavours from your food and experience something new.

  • The perfectly sealed, thick metal body of the offset smoker gives this barbecue an excellent heat retention rate and heat distribution, allowing the succulent juices to be trapped inside your food and seal in that flavour.

  • You can monitor the heat levels inside the chamber with the integrated temperature gauge placed on top of the lid of the main section, so you can be sure your food is cooked to perfection.

Masonry Barbecues

The rustic tradition behind a masonry barbecue can bring fond memories of warm weather and holiday spirit. Introducing such a magnificent barbecue to your garden can create a welcoming family environment to entertain your guests and by providing your outdoor space with a permanent sense of Mediterranean flair, you can all enjoy those holiday vibes together.

Alfresia supply a range of Masonry barbecues from Fire Mountain, who create luxurious Barbecues for the garden. Fire Mountain pledge long service life and better weather resistance from their barbecues by creating a solid structure made from a specialist cement mix.

Their barbecues are a result of their commitment to studying and testing innovative and cutting edge design solutions, and they aim to offer products that are easy to use, have improved performances and will last longer than most models you find on the market.

Fire Mountain prides themselves on, not only the aesthetic aspects of their barbecues, but also the functional and practical features too.

Roma Masonry Barbecue


Corea Masonry Barbecue

Corea Masonry Barbecue

  • The attractive dual-coloured masonry pieces in this barbecue are made from high quality refractory materials to ensure they can withstand high temperatures over long periods of time. The Corea barbecue is ideal for parties or family gatherings, as you can keep the coals burning through into the evening, even after the food has been enjoyed.

  • There are three grilling levels, so you can position the stainless steel grill at the ideal height to ensure your food is cooked right the way through without burning it.

  • Below the cooking area is a handy shelf for storing fresh wood, charcoal for burning or for keeping your utensils, condiments and accessories on.

  • Create a permanent feature in your outdoor living space, bringing the warmth and glow of a real fire to your garden as well as an authentic chargrilled taste to you barbecue.


Opening up your garden to a different barbecue style can encourage you to spend more time in your outdoor space with your family and friends and hold a new appreciation for outdoor living.

A masonry barbecue can be a beautiful focal point whether in use or not and can allow you to try new methods of alfresco cooking styles.

If you have any questions about any of our barbecue, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service team who are more than happy to advise you on which barbecue may be suitable for you and your family’s needs this year.